Gettysburg Augmented Reality Experience


More tourist-driven locations around the world are incorporating immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) into destinations to provide an enhanced experience for visitors, both young and old, to enjoy and remember forever. Especially great for families with school-aged children, augmented reality destinations make vacations educational in addition to fun — a bonus for mom and dad!

Because most modern travelers are already in the habit of using a smartphone regularly throughout the day, the step towards using those devices to interact with the physical objects in front of them is not a giant leap, especially given the benefit. Therefore, locations like hotels, restaurants, museums, and historical attractions are all integrating augmented reality features into their locations. Augmented reality mobile apps can provide useful information, navigation, guides, translations, and multi-sensory interactions.

Look at historical destinations like the Alamo, Gettysburg, and Philadelphia for examples of augmented reality integrations that provide enhanced experiences for visitors to learn and actually become part of the story. Exploring tourist destinations and attractions with augmented reality transforms those classic tours in something more extraordinary. Visitors can travel back in time, seeing the evolution of landmarks in time perspective, enjoy 3D models of places, and even get different tour guides. Augmented reality builds atop what already exists to provide enticing, informative, or surprising experiences that are wholly new and enhanced.

When planning your vacation this summer, be on the search for opportunities to enjoy an immersive experience and learn something along the way! Complete with audio storytelling, visual elements, and thoughtful narrative, these multi-sensory experiences can make a trip even more memorable.


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