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Now that most people carry smartphones which have augmented reality abilities, the opportunity to have new experiences from far away places while staying at home is more possible than ever. You don’t have to physically travel to tour the Statue of Liberty, the Alamo, Philadelphia, any number of museums, and numerous historical landmarks in order to move through their spaces and see their sights. 

This is especially encouraging for those that are disabled, differently-abled, physically challenged, underprivileged, elderly, with no vacation time, or generally unable to travel. While gaming and entertainment are capturing the attention for most augmented reality uses, the advent of augmented reality has changed the lives of those who are immobile in more significant ways. 

With augmented reality, people can walk through the most exclusive museums in the world from the comfort of their own homes. They can experience the Battle of the Alamo while waiting to be called for jury duty. They can tour the Statue of Liberty while on their daily commute. They can explore Gettysburg while wheelchair-bound. Augmented reality makes all this possible. 

By layering computer-generated enhancements in the form of digital information such as graphics, audio, and video on top of actual reality, users are able to interact with virtual environments through the ease of their existing smartphones with no special devices required. Users can simultaneously interact with the artificial environment and the real world without getting detached or even leaving their homes.

If you are seeking an unexpected gift for an elderly relative, a friend that is physically challenged or even a colleague that is too busy for a vacation, consider the gift of an augmented reality app that can take them to places they never believed they’d be able to visit. QuantumERA offers multiple options for just such a gift. Click here to shop.


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