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Alamo Museum Augmented Reality Tour


Do some exhibits get more traffic than others at your museum? Do you need visitors to spend more time in your museum? Did you know that incorporating technology into the museum can help direct visitors to certain places and generate varying traffic patterns within your museum space? Interactive digital content in museums can aid navigation, exploration, and learning. 

Research has shown that many visitors’ exhibit experiences are confusing, frustrating, effortful, or missed, and lack of orientation is the most common complaint causing these experiences. Technology can solve this problem. With an app that visitors download, a simple touch on an area of an interactive map will guide visitors to relevant areas from their current locations. Even better than just orienting visitors, technology can also engage visitors to stay longer, return more frequently, and remember their experiences more fondly. 

Digital media also gives museums the opportunity to tell stories beyond the walls. While it is common to find static touchscreen monitors in museums, which contain information about paintings and collections, the available technology has come a long way from these monitor displays and that advanced technology is what the Millennial and Gen Z generations, for whom technology has become the very center of their daily lives, expect. Augmented reality is a great way to incorporate interactivity into displays in the museum as exhibits with interactive components have been shown to garner more engagement with visitors than those that don’t have any interactivity.

Augmented reality works by pointing the device at certain sculptures, paintings, and artifacts, then snippets of information, detailed descriptions and additional photographs of the item (and related items) pop-up on the visitor’s device. One of the most interesting uses is to have “characters” from that point in time talk and interact with the visitors through their phones, like in our Battle of the Alamo app. Experiences like this drive repeat visits and loyalty to the museum’s mission.

Visiting a museum is not just about seeing the artifacts, but also about experiencing the history and the stories behind the collections. Technology like augmented reality enables these experiences.

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