Augmented Reality at the Alamo


Incorporating augmented reality into education has been shown to improve learning efficiency and is more effective at teaching students than compared to other media such as books, videos, or desktop computer experiences. With QuantumERA’s Experience Real History Alamo Classroom Products (sold by PerspectivesXR/ILP), Texas teachers can put augmented learning into the hands of students when teaching the Texas Revolution Unit this year. 

Using the app, the book, the board and/or the character cards, students can see the battles, talk to characters and walk through the Alamo without leaving the classroom. Using augmented reality, your students will be immersed in the Battle of the Alamo and come to understand the meaning behind the Texas Revolution.

In addition to providing a wonderful and engaging educational experience, QuantumERA’s products are the ONLY augmented reality resource that meets all Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for Texas History. 

Hear from teachers who have experienced QuantumERA’s Alamo products!

“This is the first time where I actually feel like I have things I can take back to my classroom and use as a lesson plan. I’ve never experienced where VR is so readily available.” — Jessica Klingsick, Kyle Elementary, fourth-grade teacher

“…to let the kids see this in this same way that I just saw that, it’s going to be incredible working with the kids so they can really get a visual idea of what’s going on. They just think when they come and see the Alamo that that’s it.” — Robin Sauncel, Calhoun County ISD, Travis Middle School

“…immersive technology really brings our kids into learning in a way that we couldn’t do before. So while it may be a challenge for teachers to learn new things, what I love about immersive technology is there’s so many tools that don’t require you to be tech-savvy and really allow you to just jump into these experiences headfirst.” — Jaime Donally, author and speaker about providing practical use of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom

See how kids react to using QuantumERA’s Alamo augmented reality products.

“It was so cool, because it was like, you have the tablet, right? And then you just … it’s like a real, the real world, and then you’re in it, in the book. And then it’s like, so cool, and I like it.”

“I just think that as an educator that teachers and in leadership that we have to catch up to how students are interacting with technology, and if we don’t, then we’re doing a disservice to education.”

“When you can stand at the Alamo and you can look and see what it looked like in 1836 the entire fort, it just changes your perspective on everything. Instead of the wax museum, you’re looking at where Travis’s headquarters was, and it’s just astounding.”

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