Witte Museum


QuantumERA is proud to partner with the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas to share our Interactive Alamo Experience. We spoke with President and CEO of the Witte Museum Marise McDermott about the benefits of incorporating augmented reality into the museum.

“Primary sources and experiencing real history are in the DNA of the Witte Museum, so this is a powerful partnership with a company that believes in virtual reality with young people, in particular, experiencing what it would be like to live in a historical period. The Witte Museum lives for a partner who understands the importance of primary sources coming alive.

“Regarding the Alamo, most people don’t comprehend the complexity of what led up to the battle, what happened during the battle, the courageous nature of the people and the citizens in San Antonio, not to mention the soldiers who sacrificed and the astonishing strategies that were employed and deployed those days. QuantumERA is a company that is devoted to unfurling and uncovering all the nitty-gritty details of what human beings went through during this period,” said McDermott.

President of QuantumERA, Michael McGar also weighed in on our partnership with the Witte. “We’re at the forefront of creating how history is shared for future generations. Partnering with the Witte Museum to do this is an honor. Marise’s dedication to technology and storytelling aligns perfectly with what we are creating at QuantumERA. Utilizing technology to bring history to life is especially important in capturing the attention of younger audiences and appealing to diverse learning styles.”

McDermott went on to talk about using technology to bring the museum artifacts to life. “The key goal for the Witte Museum is to first understand the power of artifacts. We are privileged to have very powerful artifacts. But then to bring those artifacts into an animated scenario, that’s where technology comes in. Fortunately, children are so savvy when it comes to animation technology, they really get in it, they know how to manipulate it, they know how to move it, they are motivated to understand more about what they are seeing. It is a great win-win to have the authentic material, the authentic story, which is the power of a museum, but then to augment it with a real scenario that they can become immersed in. That’s a great combination.

“We are especially excited to have the Alamo book available at the museum store at the Witte Museum. It is fantastic, the entire family will learn so much. It is a great book.”

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