woman on augmented reality scavenger hunt


Scavenger hunts are a fun way to teach history, encourage people to explore new parts of a city or specific location, and build a sense of community. If you are looking for a way to deliver smaller, digestible chunks of information in memorable ways while creating excitement around the pursuit of clues and the deciphering of messages, then an augmented reality scavenger hunt is just the thing! When you layer augmented reality on top of a scavenger hunt, the experience is enhanced and the place is not physically or visually disturbed. With augmented reality, information can be layered on top of real-world objects, essentially hiding them in plain sight.

Whether you have travelers hunting a shopping center, a museum, a park, or even a city, augmented reality can be tailored to your space. Last Christmas, the Mall of America launched an augmented reality experience that let shoppers interact with a holiday-themed story through their smartphones as they walked through the mall. Because the experience was a virtual scavenger hunt, shoppers were urged to visit all parts of the mall, increasing foot traffic to all retailers and increasing engagement as people spent more time exploring the mall. To encourage participation, the shoppers could enter a contest to win a shopping center once they completed the hunt.  

At QuantumERA, we recently completed a scavenger hunt for the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Given its rich history, walkability, and tourist activity, Philadelphia was a perfect location for an augmented reality scavenger hunt. The app, named Passport to Philadelphia, allows travelers to use their mobile phones as they are guided to key locations in Center City and Old Philadelphia. The app includes fun activities at each stop like hearing the Liberty Bell ring, teleporting into the Franklin Institute, taking a selfie with Ben Franklin or being guided to where they can get delicious Philly soft pretzel. From the Rocky Statue, the famous “LOVE” sculpture and the Baldwin 6000 Locomotive to Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the treats available at Reading Terminal Market, the Passport to Philadelphia provides travelers with a fun and memorable experience of the city. 

Not only does an augmented reality scavenger hunt foster movement, engagement, learning, and teamwork, but it can also serve to encourage online sharing and helping to spread the word about your location. Along the route of your scavenger hunt, be sure to encourage the taking of pictures and sharing on social media!


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