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example of mixed reality headset from Microsoft

What Your Business Should Know About Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) combines the benefits of both augmented reality and virtual reality. MR enables users to interact with digital objects in the real world in a hybrid environment where both the physical and digital co-exist. In order to see the digital world, a user will need a mixed reality headset, tablet, or mobile device. The devices use sensors to map the physical environment and align it with a digital version of the same environment. This allows digital objects to understand where it exists within a physical environment and allows users to manipulate the digital object. Instead of using computer peripherals to interact with objects on a screen, users can have more natural interactions with the digital world around them. 

Mixed reality applications enable users to visualize complex objects and scenarios beyond a piece of paper. Both physical and digital work together to improve operational processes, workflows, and equipment management. The application of mixed reality is found in entertainment, gaming, training, engineering, construction, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Benefits Of Mixed Reality Development For Businesses

Maximize workplace productivity

Real-time access to subject matter experts

Provide educational and training resources

Reduce unnecessary waste

Real-time on-site collaboration with multiple parties

Reduce maintenance and support call times

Streamline and optimize complex processes

Capture and contextualize complex data

Mixed Reality Development in Texas

QuantumERA® provides mixed reality development for businesses interested in taking advantage of its powerful capabilities.®

Mixed Reality Development Capabilities

Visual and Conceptual Design

Advanced 3D Modeling and Design

Rigging and Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)


Content Development

Casting Talent

Scriptwriting & Editing


Video & lighting equipment

Audio Design & Editing

man uses mixed reality headset to display 3d model of furniture

How Successful Businesses Use Mixed Reality Today

surgeon uses mixed reality headset from Microsoft


Skilled frontline employees are essential to a successful business. Today, businesses are investing in their workforce by providing new hires proper onboarding and upskilling loyal employees. Mixed reality can be used as a tool to offer on-demand training that can be learned independently. These training scenarios focus on real-time experiential learning so that employees can learn faster and retain more information in a self-documenting, real-time system that tracks and records employee progress.

Remote Assistance

When frontline employees encounter issues, it is important for businesses to provide immediate access to subject matter experts. Mixed reality gives employees a direct line to a support team with deep knowledge of products and equipment. Because mixed reality is immersive, employees can receive contextual information in real-time, gain access to expert guidance, and interact with collaboration tools. With mixed reality, businesses can control the frequency of issues, address them swiftly, and prepare employees for every outcome.

using iPad and mixed reality to train workers
example of mixed reality training from Microsoft

Quality Assurance

For manufacturing companies to maintain an edge against the competition, they must get quality products to market quickly and efficiently. Quality assurance is an essential step to making that happen consistently. Unfortunately, the traditional methods for quality assurance are slow and rely on manual processes. By leveraging mixed reality technology, manufacturing companies can remove workflow inefficiencies, optimize the inspection process, and reduce time to market.

Immersive Solution Process

QuantumERA® has years of experience developing custom immersive business solutions.

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