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Producing Immersive Experiences with Virtual Reality Development

Our virtual reality development team handles everything from strategy to deployment, delivering transformative virtual reality solutions.

What Your Business Should Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) offers a risk-free simulated environment with repeatable experiences. VR digitally simulates scenarios for a multitude of use cases using a headset and a pair of controllers. With these devices users are able to move through an environment freely with the ability to interact with digital objects, avatars, tools, and much more. Within a virtual environment, users can visualize products, educate students, train employees, deliver remote assistance, and produce entertainment. 

man testing a virtual reality headset

Benefits Of Virtual Reality For Businesses

Virtual Reality Decreases

Productivity Loss

Equipment Damages

Facility Damages

Employee Safety Cost

Health Risks

Technology Investment

Travel Expenses

Virtual Reality Expands

Company Reach

Operation Scalability

Customer / Employee Accessibility

Operational Consistency

Virtual Reality Improves

Learning Retention

Employee Adoption

Customer Engagement

Employee Workflows

Return on Investment

Virtual Design & Strategy

As one of the top immersive solutions companies in the U.S., we have an array of experience developing technology-based applications for businesses. QuantumERA® is pioneering how brands tell stories through virtual reality. From strategy to implementation, we can make your vision a reality.

Virtual Reality Development Capabilities

Visual and Conceptual Design

Advanced 3D Modeling and Design

Rigging and Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)

Optimized Virtual Reality

3D Scanning Photogrammetry & 360 Video

System Integration


Content Development

Casting Talent

Video Marketing Strategy

Scriptwriting & Editing

VR Interaction Design

Unity3D Development

Unreal Engine Development


Professional video & lighting equipment

Audio Design & Editing

Virtual Reality Development Platforms

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How Successful Businesses Rely On Virtual Reality Development Today

360 degree concert venue

Experiential Entertainment

Brands are launching virtual reality tools to provide unparalleled digital experiences for customers. Virtual museums, concerts, events, and attractions are growing in popularity because they engage consumers in a way that hasn’t been possible before. As virtual reality headsets become more widely adopted, more consumers will demand premium content. 

Product Visualization

As a visualization tool, virtual reality offers immense value to manufacturers, retailers, and entertainers. Engineers and designers can interact with and customize products seamlessly to optimize the development process. Additionally, brands can offer sales visualization tools to consumers to help them personalize their next purchase. 

virtual reality automobile experience from Toyota
students with virtual reality headsets in a classroom


Virtual reality is recognized by educational institutions as the future of learning. VR enables students to experience locations and events from around the world, across history, and beyond. Whether it’s learning about the structure of an atom or getting a front row seat to a cosmic event, virtual reality can enhance the learning experience. These memorable and immersive experiences improve learning retention, inspire students, and encourage social interaction. 


Virtual reality training applications offer businesses an opportunity to educate employees more effectively. The user interface and 3D visualization focus on simulating specific scenarios to help employees learn efficiently and safely. Statistics show that training with virtual reality greatly increases the learning retention when compared to traditional lecture, text, and video content.

Wal-Mart employee training with virtual reality

Immersive Solution Process

QuantumERA® has years of experience developing custom immersive solutions.

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Let’s discuss how QuantumERA® can partner with your team to develop your custom immersive business solution.