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No matter how complex or abstract your idea, we use creative animation and 3D modeling to successfully deliver your message.

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What Your Business Should Know About Animation and Modeling

Over the last 5 years, the demand for high quality 3D animated content has grown substantially. By 2026, the global 3D animation market size will be worth over $18 billion. While animation is prevalent in the entertainment industry, the rapid growth can also be attributed to increased demand in construction, healthcare, engineering, and retail. Businesses see the value of 3D animation for creating hyper-realistic imagery, communicating ideas, and engaging audiences.

Benefits Of 3D Animation and Modeling For Businesses


3D models are extremely flexible. Businesses can reuse and modify these digital assets in different applications.


Experts in animation and modeling can produce hyper realistic assets allowing stakeholders, employees, or customers to properly visualize a product or service.


Using 3D models within digital platforms such as virtual reality and augmented reality applications enables them to be fully interactive.

Visual Storytelling

Turn complicated concepts into digestible ideas through visual storytelling.

3D Animation Studio

As one of the top immersive solutions companies in Texas,  we have an array of experience producing 3D visual assets and integrating them into technology-based applications for businesses. QuantumERA® is pioneering how brands tell stories through animation and modeling. From strategy to implementation, we can make your vision a reality.

Animation and 3D Modeling Services

Visual and Conceptual Design

Advanced 3D Modeling and Design

Rigging and Animation

Visual Effects (VFX)


Content Development

Casting Talent

Scriptwriting & Editing


Video & lighting equipment

Audio Design & Editing

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3D Modeling Software Platforms

How Successful Businesses Use 3D Modeling Services

Experiential Entertainment

Sometimes a business isn’t interested in selling a product, but rather an experience. Museums, zoos, film studios, sport venues, and music labels can all benefit from 3D models and animation. Create fully interactive film features to entertain museum visitors, put the user in the next Disney animated film, share social AR lens filters to help the audience show their team pride. Businesses are diversifying entertainment through immersive technologies to keep audiences engaged. As more businesses learn how to maximize their usage of these resources, the gap widens between innovative trendsetters and those who choose to watch. 

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3d model of a human brain


Businesses can incorporate 3D animated models into high quality videos or fully interactive applications. Employees can use these tools to learn about a product or service much faster and retain the information longer than by traditional training methods. 3D assets can replace physical assets. This can greatly reduce needlessly wasting resources for the purpose of training. 3D environments can place users in any scenario including high-risk scenarios (ie. firefighters in a burning building) without putting employees in harm’s way.

Product Visualization

To stand out from the competition, retailers and manufacturers can use product visualization to enhance the shopping experience and help customers better understand purchases before committing to them. This is especially important for large purchases such as vehicles, furniture, and housing. Use realistic 3D assets to put products in the hands of customers with personalization, product customization, and ‘try before you buy’ features.

production visualization of a car
3d modeling and animation for educational applications


The current generation of students understand how to use technology intuitively because they’ve grown up with it. Some six-year-olds have a better understanding of an iPhone than their parents. Digital-native students are more likely to succeed using these devices to further their education than through traditional means. Similar to workforce training, 3D animated models can be used alongside curricula to instruct students of all ages. Students can visit the Great Pyramids in Ancient Egypt or take a tour of the International Space Station in the blink of an eye. The end result is a far more engaging and fulfilling educational experience with measurably higher retention rates than traditional classroom instruction. 


While some brands are using 3D animation and modeling to showcase their products, others are using it to promote products at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. Augmented reality billboards and advertising rely on 3D models to tell the full story. Businesses can use 3D models to build digital booths for a virtual trade show. Mobile devices can use 3D models to simulate products like Sephora’s Virtual Artist app, which allows users to try on makeup without applying it physically to their face. As mobile technology continues to improve and becomes inexpensive to produce, expect to see more interactive advertising in your neighborhood.

augmented reality outdoor advertising

Immersive Business Solution Process

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