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Immersive Solutions for Education

Spark the imagination of future generations through experiential learning.

Engagement is the key to unlocking learning

Traditionally, learning is accomplished through lecture, reading, and writing. Books were the primary vehicle for enabling access to information in the form of facts and observations of the world. This method of fact retention has been modernized with eBooks, search engines, and videos.

However, learning through fact retention is an outdated concept. When information is ubiquitous, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Access to information doesn’t necessarily mean one is educated. Simply look to the thousands of students who become bored, disengaged, and overwhelmed with learning. 

In the era of digital, we have the opportunity to expand our educational tools to transfer knowledge more easily and more effectively through mediums that rely on experiential learning. With advanced technology, educational content can be delivered in a format that is more immersive and interactive than traditional methods.

Experiential learning is a methodology that aligns with our natural inclination toward visual learning. In essence, we retain knowledge best when we ‘learn by doing’. Immersive technology can place students in real or imagined worlds to engage and interact with people, places, and objects relevant to the learning objectives.

The end result is student engagement and a far more powerful learning experience.

Education Technology Is Impacting

Field Trips

Hands-On Learning

Technical Training

Career Internships

Group-Learning Experiences

Remote Learning

Social Learning

Science Labs

Language Learning

Education In The Post-COVID World

For students across the world, the 2020 school year was a year like no other. What first looked like a celebration for a few weeks away from school quickly became a stressful race to provide remote education for hundreds of thousands of students.

This worldwide experiment focused on providing new ways of teaching and learning. History will debate the results and their effectiveness. While some students benefited from the dramatic changes, an equal number of students suffered from inequalities in our education system.

One thing is clear: education has changed permanently as a result of the pandemic. In the past years, we are already seeing the aftermath as school districts introduce access to permanent virtual learning options, greater online resources, and improved technology tools. To build a better vision for education for all students at the local and national levels, organizations must leverage immersive solutions.

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Immersive Solutions for Education

Immersive solutions offer a wealth of benefits enabling businesses to connect with consumers and provide them with solutions to their most pressing issues.

The potential of immersive technology is now mainstream knowledge. Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle to deliver results; often squandering large investments in experiences and products that don’t truly solve business objectives.

Learn about our proven process that reduces risk and maximizes results. 

Technology Capabilities in Education

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Augmented Reality

Provide visual interactive lessons through smartphones or tablets.

Mixed Reality

Group-based education can leverage a blend of physical and digital information to offer real-time interactive experiences.

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Virtual Reality

Engage students in real and imagined worlds, enriching educational experiences, and providing consistent educational content to all students. 

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Mobile App Development

Students, educators, and parents can gain access to online resources to help them get the most value of your educational services.

2D/3D Animation & Modeling

Replace dull illustrations with dynamic 3D renderings for students to interact with and learn from.

two developers collaborating on a web application

Web App Development

Equip your staff with important tools to help manage admissions, student services, and operations.

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