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Gettysburg: A Nation Divided Mobile App

The Battle of Gettysburg Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

About The App

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided is an augmented reality mobile application designed to teach users about the Battle of Gettysburg. Using interactive technology, users travel back in time to July 1, 1863, to explore the story of the turning point of the American Civil War. In this award-winning mobile application, users will experience the Battle of Gettysburg as it unfolds before them. Both students and educators will engage, enjoy, and learn from this compelling immersive experience. 

Gettysburg: A Nation Divided is FREE to download on iOS and Android.

What Can You Do In Gettysburg: A Nation Divided App?

the battle of gettysburg soldier augmented reality scene

Meet Key Figures on the Battlefield

Join the battlefield in beautifully rendered scenes to interact with key figures. Animated archival photos of historic figures come to life and retell their stories. 

3D rendering of a musket from Battle of Gettysburg

Discover Artifacts in a Scavenger Hunt Through History

Collect virtual artifacts on the battlefield to earn gold coins and rise through the military ranks from Private to Major General.

America Civil War soldiers running through a grassy field

Explore Fully Rendered Animated Battle Scenes

The 360º experience provides views of the battlefield at 10 locations with identified landmarks and annotated flags. Learn the exact location of each army and who was in command.

Key App Features

Self-Guided Tour of Gettysburg Battlefield

The Gettysburg: A Nation Divided mobile app is the perfect companion for your Gettysburg National Military Museum and Battlefield visit. Use the mobile app to guide your on-site tour of the battlefield and experience key stories and events at the exact locations where they occurred. While using the app, you can follow the Official National Park Service’s Auto Tour route from the convenience and flexibility of your own vehicle. 

Depiction of President Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address
a barrage of cannons fire at the Battle of Gettysburg

Relive Each Climatic Moment Through Augmented Reality

The Gettysburg: A Nation Divided mobile app uses augmented reality technology to bring key moments in the battle to life. Through the use of animated characters, 3D rendered scenes, and interactive objects, users will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for one of the most important battles in U.S. history.

Narrated by Actor Scott Eastwood

Throughout the experience, cinematic quality sequences are narrated by famed actor, Scott Eastwood. See what Scott has to say about Gettysburg: A Nation Divided.

Scott Eastwood interview discussing his role as a narrator on the Gettysburg: A Nation Divided app
Gettysburg: A Nation Divided main menu

Experience The Battle of Gettysburg At Home

Not planning a visit to the battlefield? No problem! The Gettysburg: A Nation Divided mobile app offers an alternative, yet just as immersive, experience to enjoy from anywhere. Parents can accompany their children through the experience at home. Educators can teach students and add greater context to lesson plans. Experience the real history of Gettysburg anytime anywhere! 

Recent Reviews For Gettysburg: A Nation Divided

This app provides hours of learning experiences and amazing content and information for a very small price. During this pandemic, this is one of the few educational apps that held my kids’ attention. Highly recommended.

Kim26, 05/27/2020

This app is so much fun and we are learning so much about history in the process! The production values are amazing.

FeffieKo, 04/07/2020

My family and I really enjoy going to the battlefield with the app and using it.

FreSwm, 08/03/2020

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