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Recognized World-wide as one of the most famous battles in the U.S., the Battle of the Alamo is remembered as a heroic fight to the death against insurmountable odds. The thirteen-day siege by the Mexican Army was led by Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna, whose goal was to reclaim the Alamo Mission located on the outskirts of old San Antonio. Texans garrisoned in those already ancient walls of the Alamo fortress only numbered around 200 defenders.

Led by Colonel William Barret Travis, the Texans fought valiantly, but were ultimately dealt a crushing defeat at the hands of the over 1500-man Mexican Army. Early on the morning of March 6th, 1836, General Santa Anna took the Alamo by storm; the defenders died to a man; the Mexican army was delayed three weeks and suffered demoralizing casualties.

Some say, without this delay, and the losses inflicted upon Santa Anna’s army, Sam Houston might never have been able to plan and fight the Battle of San Jacinto–that short, decisive encounter that determined the fate of the American West. Today, Texans “Remember the Alamo” by honoring those that gave their lives defending the Mission San Antonio de Valero, known forever as the Alamo.

Alamo Experience Showcase

Battle of the Alamo: Alamo Edition Augmented Reality App

Experience Real History: Alamo Edition app uses augmented reality technology allowing you to step into the Alamo in 1836. See and hear the battle play out on your mobile device through more than 17 animated battle scenes, designed in collaboration with Alamo historians for an incredibly authentic experience. Through augmented reality portals, explore the lost world of the Alamo. Wander through the battlefield. Meet heroes from the most legendary battle in Texas history!


Discover key Texan and Mexican fighters and commanders 

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Free download available for iOS and Android smartphone and tablets. Premium content available on iOS for $1.99

Battle of the Alamo: Augmented Reality Mini-Board & Card Set

The Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-board and Card Set provides a variety of ways to experience the Alamo as it was in 1836 through Augmented Reality (AR). The set provides access to 11 animated scenes. As part of this incredible realistic experience, this set comes with 7 Augmented Reality card experiences and 4 mini-board AR experiences – hear facts about historical figures who participated in the Alamo battles! You will need to download two apps for your device.

Battle of the Alamo: Augmented Reality Characters App

Travel through time using the Experience Real History: Characters app and experience the Alamo’s iconic characters through augmented reality animations that come to life through Experience Real History’s Collector’s Cards. Enjoy quick facts on each hero as you experience history.


Works with all Experience Real History’s Collector’s Cards

6 AR animations feature the characters of David Crockett, Martín Perfecto De Cos, Antonio López de Santa Anna, James (Jim) Bowie, William Barret Travis and Sarah

Plus 1 Bonus animation of the 6 pound cannon being fired

Battle of the Alamo: Collector’s Augmented Reality Card App

See Alamo heroes come to life!  The 3 Card Collector’s Random Card Pack includes 3 random cards with unlimited access to AR experiences. You will need to download the free Experience Real History: Characters app for your device.

3D Augmented Reality Board Set

This premium 3D Augmented Reality Board Set includes access to 17 Augmented Reality (AR) animated scenes with our largest reality board, plus the Alamo Edition Guidebook. Use your smartphone or tablet to explore the Alamo as it was in 1836, and see the epic battle come to life through stunning 3D photoreal recreations! Live history as it happened, and discover untold stories about the Alamo. This educational experience will be played over and over by learners of all ages! You will need to download an app for your device. Set includes:

Collector’s Edition Augmented Reality Card Set

The Collector’s Reality Card Set includes unlimited access to 6 Augmented Reality card experiences PLUS a bonus collector’s card – Firing the 6-lb Cannon. Hear facts about historical figures who participated in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836! You will need to download a free app for your device.

Recent Reviews

This app is truly a game changer if you’re interested in history. For the best experience, it’s definitely worth taking it to the actual Alamo. Obviously not everyone can do that, so it is also effective at home. The live action battlefield is pretty impressive to watch and gives a better sense of the scope of the battle than a diorama ever could. More updates would be nice.

Ethaun, 2020

Fantastic way to explore the Alamo! Love the portals and great audio, too!

FeffieKo, 2018

Very good game! A game that you really enjoy the break.

huey curl, 2019

Battle of the Alamo: Character App

Experience Real History AR App

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