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One of the greatest uses for augmented reality is to supplement the printed word in publications like books, magazines, and newspapers. Through augmented reality technology, publishers can bring stories to life using audio, visual, and digital content that engages readers both young and old. With fast access to information, the addition of augmented reality to the written word nurtures readers’ curiosity.

For publishers, the benefits of incorporating an augmented reality experience into the book, magazine, or newspaper include:

  • Help animate facts or abstract characters, bringing more fun into reading. 
  • Add value to the overall story.
  • Allow users to like, comment and share immediately, thereby broadening the audience reach.
  • Introduce the opportunity to collect information — like email addresses — from the reader for future marketing messages. 
  • Keep the reader focused on the publication rather than distracted by their devices.

For consumers, augmented reality is now at a mainstream adoption level given that the major mobile software companies have made it possible for developers to add augmented reality features to their mobile applications. Many publishers are already regularly creating augmented reality content supplements — from newspapers like The New York Times and USA TODAY, to graphic novels like “Masters of the Sun” — and experiencing increased engagement from readers.

Types of augmented reality content that can be used by publishers to enhance the reading experience include:

  • Video
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Interactive, 3D graphics: bring charts, data, and illustrations to life
  • Product demonstrations
  • Text descriptions: provide background or fun facts about the person or situation depicted in an image
  • Games
  • Filters: change images with filters to indicate the passage of time or transformations

Regardless of the publication length, purpose, target audience, or story, augmented reality can be used to create more engaging and persuasive narratives in books, magazines, and newspapers. 


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