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Exploring JourniGO: The Discovery App

Great news! We’re happy to announce the launch of our brand-new AR mobile app, JourniGO. JourniGO is a family-friendly travel app with free access to exclusive digital content. Over the last few months, we’ve partnered with local and national venues, which include museums, historic landmarks, and other popular attractions, to deliver entertaining and educational content that can be experienced at venue locations. With travel, education, and entertainment impacting society, this discovery app can provide a unique experience for families and travelers alike.

Families Will Love Traveling with the JourniGO App 

JourniGO is an interactive app that combines entertainment and education to bring you a unique experience. With JourniGO, you can explore and learn about new places in a fun, engaging way. Best of all, it’s completely free. Here are some unique features JourniGO has to offer:

Search for Experiences Near You

Discover museums, historical monuments, and popular attractions in your area.

Preview an Attraction Before Visiting

Find out more about the venues and services offered.

Bookmark Locations for Future Trips

Save places you’ve already visited in the app and go again.

Filter by Suitability

Find a venue based on health, needs, and other factors.

Access to Digital Content

Scavenger hunts, 360° videos, and images.

Personalized Passport Feature

Users can earn stamps and take photos when visiting new venues.

Overall, JourniGO offers many compelling features that can boost and enhance your travel experience.

Accepting Partnerships with Local and National Vendors

With the evolution of technology, We sought to provide a platform for different venues to have a simple entry point into interactive and immersive tech. JourniGO enables vendors to generate revenue and enhance consumer awareness by attracting and engaging new users.


The best way to attract and retain new users is through discoverability. JourniGO allows you to search, sort, and filter experiences by category, making them accessible to users. Additionally, JourniGO uses navigation to help locate events in the area and bookmark them for reference. Not only does this keep people aware of your business, but it also encourages them to revisit your establishment.


The app provides innovative features like the Scavenger Hunt, where you can explore specific vendors, embark on artifact searches, and partake in creative quests. These features are customized to your organization’s brand and content. This interactive experience ensures users remain engaged, informed, and eagerly anticipating their next adventure. 


One of the primary ways to create revenue opportunities in technology is by monetizing digital content. A benefit of becoming a JourniGO partner is having access to our in-app advertising network. Within this network, we integrate data analytics to help evaluate your content’s performance. 

Learn more about becoming a JourniGO Partner.


JourniGO is not just a travel application; it is a gateway to an enhanced travel experience and a glimpse into the future of exploration. With its significant technological features and innovative approach, JourniGO has the potential to transform how we travel, learn, and engage with the world around us. By embracing JourniGO, users and businesses can unlock a world of possibilities and create unforgettable memories.



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