Augmented Reality Using Tablet


Augmented reality is a powerful tool when it comes to education. Student engagement is on the decline every year as schools focus on standardized modes of teaching rather than giving students opportunities to use the information to create a memorable experience. Boredom accounts for nearly a third of the variation in student achievement and half of the high school dropouts cite boredom as their primary motivator for leaving. Engagement is required for education because no learning happens until students agree to become engaged with the material. Augmented reality assists to engage students in the experience of learning. 

Augmented reality allows for better explanations of complex concepts. 

When students can actually see objects in three-dimensions, they are able to understand difficult topics and have fun interacting with the material. 

Augmented reality is easy to implement in the classroom today. 

Starting in middle school, most students come to class with their own phones within easy reach. These smartphones are already equipped to run augmented reality experiences with the right educational elements. Teachers do not need to invest in additional technology to incorporate the interactive experiences into their classrooms. 

Augmented reality can be used beyond the classroom.

With AR apps the users can learn anytime and anywhere from their smartphones. It is the best way to replace paper books, posters, huge physical models, and even field trips.

While curiosity and engagement from students tend to wane as they grow, using new technologies like augmented reality in classrooms can reignite their passion for learning. 


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The Impact of Augmented Reality on Education

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